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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A dreamy scene from Tweed Ride Victoria, not but two weeks ago...
As we embark on fall, autumnal, why am I subjecting myself to this weather (?) kind of cycling, let us remember, those glorious dog days of summer!

Friday, June 27, 2014

QueenBee bike purse

My favorite bike bag, by QueenBee Creations, has lasted me over five years of bike trips, squashed by bungee cords and bike locks. Way to go purse! Here's to many more memorable bike rides!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Victoria Kite Festival bravo

So thankful that I could return to riding with my family today since the inaugural kite festival at clover point was spectacular! It was a joyful interlude for us on our way home along the Dallas Dr. waterfront. This festival will be a welcome addition to the Victoria BC festival scene, it is family friendly, bike friendly, and I hope that it can continue on! Congrats to Ryder Hesjedal in the Giro d'Italia this year. An amazing comeback is something we can all cheer for. The young riders of the Bastion Square Grand Prix, kudos to your strength and stamina, you were amazing to watch! Keep the good times rolling...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

BlueSky Helmet

Another few days without riding my bike got me thinking about tidying up my bike helmet. It has already had a few paint jobs, but I thought I would add some more paint to evoke a blue sky, my favorite kind of riding day! Add some reflective butterflies and volia, fresh helmet ready for use...soon.
A Vimeo film on the Audax Alpine Classic is beautiful with the tilt shift filming and trainset simplicity of cycling through the countryside. PaperGirl Vancouver is of interest for the summer, what could be better... handing out art to strangers while cycling or making the art itself? I will need to flex my artistic side and donate if I can't actually be there! Giro d'italia is enjoyable to watch at the moment, go Ryder!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

reflect on reflective

I have been sidelined from the bike for a while due to medical issues, however, the weather is fantastic and cycling infrastructure is on many minds with the City plan up for renewal this year. Bike to work week is fast approaching, yet I will not be able to participate this time around. The silver lining, I decided, is to embrace my time away from my bikes by making some fabulous accessories! Scotchlight 3M Flex Tape by Lightweights is amazingly bright and can be applied to most surfaces. Fun Reflector makes cute stickers that can grace a bike or helmet. Young or old, it makes sense to be as visable to traffic as possible at all times of the year. It only takes a few minutes to find funky bracelets or necklaces languishing in the closet and give them a new lease on life by adding some reflectivity. The stickers having backings on them that are removed when masking tape is applied to the reflective surface and the sticky surface is uncovered. Peel backing off and place sticky side down in desired spot on jewelery and rub. Remove masking tape and voila, you have a reflective embellished accessory that cost only a few bucks!

Friday, February 21, 2014


The winter olympics may be almost over, but the feeling of walking, skiing, sledding over snow cannot be forgotten! Cycling over snow? That is a work in progress...